Entrepreneurship -”About Passion Not Money”

Entrepreneurship is not about Business of Money but Business of Passion!!

“Passion to Chase their Dream and Create an Innovation for society”

Entrepreneurs, who overlook money for a greater purpose, always come out with great success. Money is just a reward not a goal in their success story. Many people start their entrepreneurial journey with money at their mind and simply failed.

It is said that love of the money is the root of all evils. Even academic data shows that such a love, if not evil, is certainly death of many ambitious entrepreneurs. Financial gain is not the primary driver of great entrepreneurs. They believe in their idea and move by it.

If you planning to start your entrepreneurial life or dream of quitting your job to pursue a startup and become fabulously rich, make sure that you check your assumption of quick and easy fame and fortune before risking your entrepreneurial journey.

The purpose of entrepreneurship is not the buildup of wealth but the creation of value-adding products or services that will help make the world a better place for all. Wealth is just a result of consistently providing solutions to the problems of humanity or society at large.

Great Entreprenuers like Steve Job, Mark Zuckerberg  etc. followed their passion rather than money.  Be passionate of your idea and its success. Walk fearless on the rough patches and make sure your entrepreneurial journey should not be “Survival Driven” rather should be “Purpose Driven”.